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A food and beverage innovation taking over breakrooms everywhere. A micro market is small on-site store. Users pick items from a shelf or cooler and self-checkout at a kiosk.


Do you have a breakroom pantry for your team? Let us keep your pantry stocked.

We can set and maintain coffee machines, refrigerators and keep you stocked with coffee, cold-beverages, snacks and produce. We can customize food options to meet your team's exact needs.


Need vending machines? Don't hassle with buying and keeping vending machines stocked.

We will deliver late-model vending machines with state-of-the-art technology, such as inventory tracking and credit card readers. We keep them clean, repaired and, importantly, well stocked.

About Us

We are a local Denver-based business serving locations the area. That means we are always able to respond quickly to any concerns.

As a small family-owned business with big plans, building a good reputation is everything.

We are obsessed with making sure our customers are happy with the quality of our service.

We service many kinds of businesses, including office spaces, manufacturing, hospitality, apartment buildings, school campuses and more.

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